The Aesthetic Clinic fuses the art and science of aesthetics and medicine for treatments to help you live as beautifully as possible.

The clinic is headed by Dr Anton V Mathey.
He has been an aesthetic practitioner since 2010 and has received training by Dr Raj Aquilla and Dr M De Maio, both world opinion leaders in aesthetics.

To ensure the most cost effective treatment for our patients, Dr Mathey collaborates with numerous professional beauty salons in various cities.
He handles the initial patient consultation and then advises the qualified beauty therapists from the salon - on taking it forward.

Any medically associated treatment though, such as injections or deep chemical peels, are handled and administered by Dr Mathey personally.

All our treatments are supported by the latest, most advanced technology and best of breed products and supplements that have proven to achieve the greatest possible results with little or no side effects.

We also work in collaboration with Chamè SkincareAesthetiCo

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Dr Anton Victor Mathey and his team is simply the best. They started working on my skin, six months ago in January. To date i had 3 Hyalual redermalization treatments, and 2 Lamelle chemical peels. I had bad skin pigmentation, and after these treatments my skin's condition have improved by a 1000%! And all the credit must go to Dr Anton and his team. They are professional, and treats their patient's with the up most respect. I would highly recommend the Hyalual redermalization treatments and Lamelle chemical peels. It leaves the skin soft and plump, and reduced my skin pigmentation by 90%! Thank you to The Aesthetic Clinic, for looking after my skin. You are really THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.-Ronell Joubert

We also work in collaboration with Chame SkincareAesthetiCo


The Aesthetic Clinic Waterkloof
150 Stella Street

Phone: 012 346 1800/ 082 894 0967
E-mail: Notna@mweb.co.za

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